If you want to have an idea of ​​what we can do for you, can send us a requeste if you wish.
By specifying the Defender model you want, along with a description of how you would like your design or type of style:

Vintage, Hurban, Off-road with classic , lexury or racing interior.
Paint, type and color.
Rims and color.
Interior, material and color, etc.
You can attach some photos on these topics or other topics if you wish.
In a short time we can send you an approximate budget so that you have it as a reference.
The final price of our vehicles includes:

-Vehicle and restoration.
-A year of warranty.
-Our permanent contact, for any question you need.

    Contact us by email or WhatsApp.

    WhatsaApp: +3530834204675

    Mail: welcome@fitisgarage.com