Our mission is to give you exactly the service you need, get to know you and see what kain of Defender are you looking for.
Depending on the type of use you want to give your machine.
Working together, to achieve that perfect image you have in mind.
And once we have your idea clear… We can start to work our magic.
It´s great when our clients work together with us, to arrive at an excellent image of the project they wish to capture.
The end result is always fascinating.

We offer a comprehensive restoration service.
We carry out restorations of our own design and by personal taste, seeking to maintain the essence of these vehicles, or carrying out other types of preparations with a more current air.

Taking care of all the details throughout the process.
From the paint job to the interior design, going through the restoration and preparation of all the elements of the vehicle.
Accompanying our clients throughout the process, so that they are aware of everything.

Once the restoration is finished, we take care of sending your new jewel to your home, ready to be enjoyed and shared.