Good Units, well warranty.

We search good bases of Landys to do the proyects , using units that are good condition from which to start.
We receive the cars in our garage and the disassembly of all components begins, for their restoration separately.
We begin by restoring all the components of the vehicle, that don´t depend of our customer´s design, such as chassis, rear axle, suspensions, brakes, engine, as well as the restoration and preparation prior to painting the bodywork, ready to polished, once the desired paint for the Defender has been chosen.

Once studied and decided the projec.
We start the whole process, step by step and dedicating the necessary time in every step to do excellent.

For us, the most important it´s reflect our inspiration in our job, in all details.
Supervising all permanently, to be 100% sure than all secctions of the vehicle has been done with the best quality standars.
Taking care of both the details that are seen and what is not. Luckily we have amazing professionals working with us and this whole process is like a beautiful dance in synchrony.

We make a planning of each part of the project and throughout this process, we like to be in contact with our customers so that, even if they are far away, they can enjoy the entire restoration process with us and see the progress, sendind photos and videos see it.

And of course, they can come to see the car at any time of the process and visit our workshop whenever they wish..

We coordinate the shipping times the best possible, to do the export of the vehicle to the US be light and easy to the lovely machine arrives at our customer´s homes soon.